Measure your dog's neck narrowest and widest part to obtain the correct fit. 

Breed examples offer a general guideline only.

Collar should be bigger than your dogs widest part of the neck and smaller than narrowest part

XXXS 19-29cm/2,5cm  Toy poodle, Yorkie, Chihuahua
XXS 19-35 cm/width 2,5cm dwarf poodel, Italian greyhound 
XS 23-40cm/width 2,5cm Tibetan spaniel, cavalier kingcharles spaniel, jack russel
S 23-40cm/width 5cm Whippet, little saluki, poodle
M 31-50cm/width 5cm big poodle, saluki, afgan hound, dalmatian


40-75cm/width 5cm Irish dog, Danish doggi, german shepherd

XL        50-90 cm/5 cm bull mastiff

XXXS 7 ,5-11 "/1"(Yorkie, Chihuahua)

XXS 7,5-11 "/1"Miniature poodle ,miniature pinscher)

XS 9-12 "/1"(tibian spaniel, miniature schnauzer)

S 9-12 " /2"en(whippet,  standard poodle)

M 12-17 "/2"(Dalmatian, Afghans hound, )

L 15 -27.5 "/2'(Irish wolfhound german shepherd )

XL 19-37.4 " / 2" (Bullmastiff)