a new collection

We have listened to the sensitive ear of our customers' wishes, experiences and ideas. Based on these, more practical, more sustainable and stunning products have emerged.

We have left our products off the fabric, as it began to fade and wear first. Now the products are made of a highly durable and smooth polyester webbing. Our own desings would be printed directly to this webbing, resulting in long-lasting and washing-resistant colors.

New, dirt-repellent webbing is easier to keep clean by wiping or machine wash.

Thanks to the new webbing, collars and leashes are are very durable. The webbing does not go down and it retains its shape in fierce use and bet.

We have chosen the webbing materials carefully. We use a smooth webbing that the surface is beautifully glowing. This gives the prints and colors a beautiful shine and  luxurious look.

New, stunning prints are our Nea Pekkola art. Beautiful colors and prints make a collar like a jewelry that collects admiring glances everywhere you go.