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In Finland, Walona Dogs, a handheld, is a quality and style-conscious choice! The admirers gathering our pants are durable and easily washable. They bring ease, secure and joy to the daily dog ​​care.

Our pouches are designed for safety above and they are easily blowing. The half-shattering the dog prevents the dog from pulling the head through the pledge and escape. This allows you to enjoy your dog's outdooring without having to think about your dog's loss or injury. The wider panta is a better option for the dog's neck and neck. It also adds control to your dog.

The beautiful dresses are Walona Dogs's Nea Pekkola's art. Unique and spectacular dumps bring luxury, joy and stimulating fluctuations to common moments. There are alternatives to a wide range of deals.

We manufacture a hand-crafted durable and double polyester band with printed dumps without being durable for a long time. Strong multiple stitching and durable metal parts ensure your dog's safety. Our pans have a large adjustment and they are beautifully sitting in the dog's neck.

Our pledge has been proven with sustainable, safe and beloved with thousands of customers and many kinds of dogs. Our soups have an14 day satisfaction guarantee. You can return your Pannan if you are not happy with it and we will be restored to your money. This allows you to get to know our pages.


Product description

  • Designed and handheld in Finland.
  • Available mechanisms: martgaal, one-piece half-digitizing, plastic plug-in or adjustable patch.
  • Available widths: 2.5 cm and 5 cm
  • Made of high quality, smooth and double polyester ribbon, which is extremely durable, easily cleaned, dirt repellent and quickly drying.
  • Sustainable metal parts and multiple stitching ensure safety
  • Improve a hard spending and bet on the experience of years and thousands of customers. Polyester ribbon increases service life, practicality and durability.
  • The position can be cleaned by wiping with a damp rag or washing at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Thread the pan in the pillowcase or washbasket to protect the washing machine from the metal parts.


Measure your dog's neck narrowest and widest part to obtain the correct fit. 

Breed examples offer a general guideline only.

Collar should be bigger than your dogs widest part of the neck and smaller than narrowest part

XXXS 19-29cm/2,5cm  Toy poodle, Yorkie, Chihuahua
XXS 19-35 cm/width 2,5cm dwarf poodel, Italian greyhound 
XS 23-40cm/width 2,5cm Tibetan spaniel, cavalier kingcharles spaniel, jack russel
S 23-40cm/width 5cm Whippet, little saluki, poodle
M 31-50cm/width 5cm big poodle, saluki, afgan hound, dalmatian


40-75cm/width 5cm Irish dog, Danish doggi, german shepherd

XL        50-90 cm/5 cm bull mastiff

XXXS 7 ,5-11 "/1"(Yorkie, Chihuahua)

XXS 7,5-11 "/1"Miniature poodle ,miniature pinscher)

XS 9-12 "/1"(tibian spaniel, miniature schnauzer)

S 9-12 " /2"en(whippet,  standard poodle)

M 12-17 "/2"(Dalmatian, Afghans hound, )

L 15 -27.5 "/2'(Irish wolfhound german shepherd )

XL 19-37.4 " / 2" (Bullmastiff)


Martingale Collars have 2 loops. The smaller one is called the "Control Loop". This is the portion of the collar that is attached to the leash and tightens when it is pulled. The second loop is the adjustment loop. This is the part of the dog collar that you adjust to the right size to fit your dog. A martingale collar fits nicely on a dog’s neck but tightens when it needs to.

 Collars print may vary little from product pictures.

 Please note: Martingale collars should never be left on dog without supervision.


Put the collar as loose as possible on the dog's neck. Adjust the collar to the right size. The collar is the right size when a width of about three fingers is left between the metal straw during the tightening of D-link. You have to fit collar properly to make it work correctly. Do not left it too loose. 


HALF CHOKE COLLAR has one adjustable loop, with a D-link on its head. The loop will be placed on the dog's neck. 


Put the collar as loose as possible on the dog's neck. Adjust the collar length to make it fit the dogs neck. The collar is adjusted right when you can fit two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck.  

BASIC COLLAR Is a single piece of collar that will be put through the dog's head and adjusted for the adjustment buckle. The collar was not tightened on a dog's neck with a D-link drawn.


Put the collar as loose as possible on the dog's neck. Adjust the collar to the right size. The collar is adjusted right when you can place two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck.

BUCKLE COLLAR contains a plastic black or milk white plastic buckle, depending on the print.

There adjustment buckle which allows the collar to be appropriately sized around the neck of the dog.The collar is adjusted right when you can place two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck.

Check the condition and durability of the collar and buckle every time you place that dog on the neck.

ALWAYS ATTACH LEASH TO THE BOTH D-RINGS! This ways your dog is allways safe! Buckles can brake under pressure. 

Here's finnish video presentation of the different mechanisms:

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Return policy and terms

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Why Walona Dogs?

Of love for dogs

We want to provide the best quality, style and practicality for all dog lovers and dogs! Our products are planned for security and durability above, with the beautiful appearance. Satisfied customers are the most important thing for us.

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